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Near Neighbor Search in Large Metric Spaces  Sergey Brin - GNAT -- Geometric Near-neighbor Access Tree
A compact space decomposition for effective metric indexing  Edgar Chavez, Gonzalo Navarro
A new version of the nearest-neighbour approximating and eliminating search algorithm (AESA) with linear preprocessing time and memory requirements  María Luisa Micó, José Oncina, Enrique Vidal
Clustering Billions of Images with Large Scale Nearest Neighbor Search  Ting Liu, Charles Rosenberg, Herny A. Rowley
Cover trees for nearest neighbor  Alina Beygelzimer, Sham Kakade, John Langford
Data Structures and Algorithms for Nearest Neighbor Search in General Metric Spaces.  Peter N. Yianilos. - Review on Vantage-point (VP-trees) trees modifications
Engineering Efficient Metric Indexes  Kimmo Fredriksson - The author surveys several important metric-space indexing methods.
Fast Approximate String Matching in a Dictionary  Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Gonzalo Navarro - Using metric trees for off-line string matching, comparison of several metric (triangulation trees) for the purpose of dictionary string searching.
Five Balltree Construction Algorithms  Stephen M. Omohundro
Indexing large metric spaces for similarity search queries  T Bozkaya, M Ozsoyoglu
Metric Databases  Gonzalo Navarro, Edgar Chavez - A short and precise review on problems, techniques and benefits of metric indexes for searching unstructured data
On Locality Sensitive Hashing in Metric Spaces  Eric Sadit Tellez, Edgar Chavez
Satisfying general proximity/similarity queries with metric trees  J. K. Uhlmann
Scalable Distributed Algorithm for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Problem in High Dimensional General Metric Spaces  Yury Malkov, Alexander Ponomarenko, Andrey Logvinov, Vladimir Krylov
Searching in Metric Spaces  E Chavez, G Navarro, R Baeza-Yates, J L Marroqun - A comprehensive review of search techniques for general metric spaces
Searching in metric spaces by spatial approximation  Gonzalo Navarro
The Homepage of Nearest Neighbors and Similarity Search  Yury Lifshits - Tutorial, links, references and people