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This a personal web page/blog of Leonid Boytsov. Leonid was a graduate research assistant (aka PhD student) of the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (under the supervision of Professor Eric Nyberg). His dissertation topic is "Efficient and Accurate Non-Metric k-NN Search with Applications to Text Matching". A by-product of this research is an efficient and flexible library for k-NN search codenamed NMSLIB. Feel free to check our code on GitHub.

Leonid also co-authored an extremely efficient algorithm for light-weight compression of sorted integer numbers. We show that this algorithm can decompress at the speed of reading from memory. You can find software on GitHub. This software grew out of a now-popular library FastPFor.

Leonid likes collecting material related to search technologies and statistical natural language processing (e.g., algorithms, software, interesting papers, and even historical anecdotes). Note that his opinions and views do not necessarily represent opinions of his advisor or the Language Technologies Institute.

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