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The grid file: An adaptable, symmetric multikey file structure  J. Nievergelt, H. Hinterberger, K. C. Sevcik
A Quantitative Analysis and Performance Study forSimilarity-Search Methods in High-Dimensional Spaces  Roger Weber, Hans-J. Schek, Stephen Blott
Data Structures for Range Searching  J. L. Bentley, J. H. Friedman
Multidimensional Binary Search Trees Used for Associative Searching.  J.L. Bentley - A seminal paper of kd-tree inventor. Contains description and complexity analyses.
Spatial Data Structures  Hanan Samet
The Inverted Multi-Index  Artem Babenko, Victor Lempitsky
The R+-Tree A Dynamic Index For Multi-Dimensional Objects  Timos Sellis, Nick Roussopoulos, Christos Faloutsos
Trinary-Projection Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search  Jingdong Wang, Naiyan Wang, You Jia, Jian Li, Gang Zeng, Hongbin Zha, and Xian-Sheng Hua