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Fast Approximate Search in Large Dictionaries  S. Mihov, K. Schulz - Approximate dictionary searching on the top of Universal Levenshtein automata. In addition, authors try important acceleration algorithms such as pattern partitioning and the technique of Mor and Fraenkel.
A Dictionary for Approximate String Search and Longest Prefix Search  Sreenivas Gollapudi, Rina Panigraphy - Authors describe a method that does not guarantee retrieval of all strings. It relies on mapping of strings to bit vectors. Bit vectors are compared using the Hamming distance rather than using the frequency distance.
A Practical q-Gram Index for Text Retrieval Allowing Errors  Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Gonzalo Navarro - Authors suggest indexes for approximate string searching based on n-gram inversion and study a trade off between full inversion of n-gram occurrences and and block-addressing scheme.
Compressed Index for a Dynamic Collection of Texts  Ho-Leung Chan, Wing-Kai Hon, Tak-Wah Lam
Dictionary Matching and Indexing with Errors and Don’t Cares  Richard Cole, LeeAd Gottlieb, Moshe Lewenstein
Efficient Approximate Entity Extraction with Edit Distance Constraints  W Wang, C Xiao, X Lin, C Zhang
Efficient Merging and Filtering Algorithms for Approximate String Searches  Chen Li, Jiaheng Lu, Yiming Lu
Fast Approximate String Matching in a Dictionary  Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Gonzalo Navarro - Using metric trees for off-line string matching, comparison of several metric (triangulation trees) for the purpose of dictionary string searching.
Generalized suffix trees for biological sequence data: Applications and implementation  P. Bieganski, J. Riedl, J.V. Cartis, E.F Retzel
GLIMPSE: A Tool to Search Through Entire File Systems  Udi Manber, Sun Wu
High-error approximate dictionary search using estimate hash comparisons  Johan Rönnblom - An intermediate data structure between signature hashing and frequency-distance trees such as unigram frequency vector tries.
Indexing methods for approximate dictionary searching: Comparative analysis  Leonid Boytsov
The Compressed Permuterm Index  Paolo Ferragina, Rossano Venturini
Tries for approximate string matching  H. Shang, T. Merrett