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A Comparison of String Distance Metrics for Name-Matching Tasks  William W. Cohen, Pradeep Ravikumar, Stephen E. Fienberg
A fast bit-vector algorithm for approximate string matching based on dynamic programming  G. Myers - On using bit-parallelism to compute dynamic programming matrix efficiently
An Extension of the String-to-String Correction Problem  Roy Lowrance, Robert A. Wagner - This is a very important article because it describes the little-known extension of edit distance. At the first glance it seems a straightforward transposition extenstion. Still, it is not that simple. A straightforward transposition extension is not a metric, but the described algorithm is.
Bit-Parallel Approximate String Matching Algorithms with Transposition  Heikki Hyyrö, Gonzalo Navarro - A systematic generalization of bit-parallel algorithms to handle transposition as a single edit operation.
Pattern recognition of strings with substitutions, insertions, deletions and generalized transpositions.  B. J. Oommen, R. K. S. Loke
Phonological Distance Measures  Nathan C Sanders, Steven B Chin