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"Search-compatible" compression algorithms, i.e. algorithms that allow fast decompression and direct search of compressed data.

Compressing term positions in web indexes  Hao Yan, Shuai Ding, Torsten Suel
A Framework of Dynamic Data Structures for String Processing  Nicola Prezza
Adaptive frame of reference for compressing inverted lists  Renaud Delbru, Stephane Campinas, Krystian Samp, Giovanni Tummarello
Compression of Inverted Indexes For Fast Query Evaluation  Falk Scholer, Hugh E. Williams, John Yiannis, Justin Zobel
Constructing Word-Based Text Compression Algorithms  Nigel Horspool , Gordon Cormack
Data Compression Explained  Matt Mahoney
Decoding billions of integers per second through vectorization  Daniel Lemire, Leonid Boytsov
Decoding prefix codes  Mike Liddell, Alistair Moffat
Direct Pattern Matching on Compressed Text  Edleno Silva de Moura, Gonzalo Navarro, Nivio Ziviani, Ricardo Baeza Yates
Efficient compressed inverted index skipping for disjunctive text-queries  Simon Jonassen, Svein Erik Bratsberg
Efficient Decoding of Prefix Codes  Daniel S. Hirschberg , Debra A. Lelewer
Efficient parallel lists intersection and index compression algorithms using graphics processing units  Naiyong Ao, Fan Zhang, Di Wu, Douglas S. Stones, Gang Wang, Xiaoguang Liu, Jing Liu, Sheng Lin
Fast Integer Compression using SIMD Instructions  Benjamin Schlegel, Rainer Gemulla, Wolfgang Lehner
Fast integer compression using SIMD instructions  B. Schlegel, R. Gemulla, W. Lehner
General Document Retrieval in Compact Space  Gonzalo Navarro, Simon J. Puglisi, Daniel Valenzuela
How to Barter Bits for Chronons: Compression and Bandwidth Trade Offs for Database Scans  Allison L. Holloway, Vijayshankar Raman, Garret Swart, David J. DeWitt
Index compression is good, especially for random access  Stefan Büttcher, Charles LA Clarke
Index Compression using Fixed Binary Codewords  Vo Ngoc Anh, Alistair Moffat
Inverted Index Compression Using Word-Aligned Binary Codes  Vo Ngoc Anh, and Alistair Moffat - Authors examine index representation techniques for document-based inverted files, and present a mechanism for compressing them using word-aligned binary codes.
On Compressing the Textual Web  Paolo Ferragina, Giovanni Manzini
SIMD Compression and the Intersection of Sorted Integers.  Daniel Lemire, Leonid Boytsov, Nathan Kurz
SIMD-Based Decoding of Posting Lists  Alexander A. Stepanov, Anil R. Gangolli, Daniel E. Rose, Ryan J. Ernst, Paramjit S. Oberoi
SIMD-Scan: Ultra Fast in-Memory Table Scan Using on-Chip Vector Processing Units  Thomas Willhalm, Nicolae Popovici, Yazan Boshmaf, Hasso Plattner, Alexander Zeier, Jan Schaffner
Sorting improves word-aligned bitmap indexes  Daniel Lemire, Owen Kaser, Kamel Aouiche
Super-Scalar RAM-CPU Cache Compression  Marcin Zukowski, Sandor Heman, Niels Nes, Peter Boncz
The Compressed Permuterm Index  Paolo Ferragina, Rossano Venturini
Using graphics processors for high performance IR query processing.  S. Ding, J. He, H. Yan, T. Suel.