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An Experimental Investigation of Set Intersection Algorithms for Text Searching  JEREMY BARBAY, ALEJANDRO LO PEZ-ORTIZ, TYLER LU, ALEJANDRO SALINGER
Compressed bitmap indexes: beyond unions and intersections  Owen Kaser, Daniel Lemire
Dual-Sorted Inverted Lists  Gonzalo Navarro, Simon J. Puglisi
Efficient Merging and Filtering Algorithms for Approximate String Searches  Chen Li, Jiaheng Lu, Yiming Lu
Efficient parallel lists intersection and index compression algorithms using graphics processing units  Naiyong Ao, Fan Zhang, Di Wu, Douglas S. Stones, Gang Wang, Xiaoguang Liu, Jing Liu, Sheng Lin
Efficient set intersection for inverted indexing  J. SHANE CULPEPPER, ALISTAIR MOFFAT
Experimental Analysis of a Fast Intersection Algorithm for Sorted Sequences  Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Alejandro Salinger
Fast Phrase Querying With Combined Indexes  Dirk Bahle, Hugh E. Williams, Justin Zobel
Fast set intersection in memory  Bolin Ding, Arnd Christian Konig
Faster and Smaller Inverted Indices with Treaps  R Konow, G Navarro, C Clarke, A López-Ortíz
Faster top-k document retrieval using block-max indexes.  S. Ding and T. Suel.
Intersection in Integer Inverted Indices  Peter Sanders, Frederik Transie
Lessons Learned from Indexing Close Word Pairs  Leonid Boytsov, Anna Belova
Self-Indexing Inverted Files for Fast Text Retrieval  ALISTAIR MOFFAT, JUSTIN ZOBEL
Using graphics processors for high performance IR query processing.  S. Ding, J. He, H. Yan, T. Suel.