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Analysis of a Very Large Web Search Engine Query Log  Craig Silverstein, Monika Henzinger
Characterizing search intent diversity into click models  Botao Hu, Yuchen Zhang, Weizhu Chen, Gang Wang, Qiang Yang
Find it if you can: A game for modeling different types of web search success using interaction data  Mikhail Ageev, Qi Guo, Dmitry Lagun, Eugene Agichtein
Modeling Perceived Relevance for Tail Queries without Click-Through Data  Changsung Kang, Xiaotong Lin, Xuanhui Wang, Yi Chang, Belle Tseng - The paper focuses on long-tail queries, where little click data is available.
Optimizing Search Engines Using Clickthrough Data  Thorsten Joachims
Query Logs Alone are not Enough  Carrie Grimes, Diane Tang, Daniel M. Russell
Random Walks on the Click Graph  Nick Craswell, Martin Szummer
Understanding PubMed user search behavior through log analysis  Rezarta Islamaj Dogan, G. Craig Murray, Aurelie Neveol, Zhiyong Lu