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A collaborative filtering approach to mitigate the new user cold start problem  JesúS Bobadilla, Fernando Ortega, Antonio Hernando, JesúS Bernal
An empirical study of a cross-level association rule mining approach to cold-start recommendations  Cane Wing-ki Leung, Stephen Chi-fai Chan, Fu-lai Chung
Community-Based Recommendations: a Solution to the Cold Start Problem  Shaghayegh Sahebi, William W Cohen
Matrix factorization techniques for recommender systems  Matrix factorization techniques for recommender systems
Methods and metrics for cold-start recommendations  Andrew I Schein, Alexandrin Popescul, Lyle H Ungar, David M Pennock
Query recommendation using query logs in search engines.  R. Baeza-yates, C. Hurtado, M. Mendoza.
Query suggestions in the absence of query logs.  S. Bhatia, D. Majumdar, P. Mitra.
Recommender system Wiki  
Tied boltzmann machines for cold start recommendations  Asela Gunawardana, Christopher Meek