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BCS IRSG: British Computer Society - Information Retrieval Specialist Group  
Center for Information Retrieval (CIR) Pannon University  
Center for Web Research (University of Chile)  
Clarity Center for Sensor Web Technologies  
Glasgow Information Retrieval Group   - Information Retrieval Group at the Department Computing Science, led by Professor Keith van Rijsbergen, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
IBM Information Retrieval and Analysis Group  
IIT Information Retrieval Lab   - Information retrieval group at Illinois Institute of Technology
Intelligent Information Retrieval group (CIIR)   - The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) funded by Massachusetts University and National Science Foundation
Intelligent Information Retrieval Group (CIIR) publications  
IR group of the Waterloo University  
IR laboratories at CSIRO  
Laboratory for Web Algorithmics  
Microsoft Information Retrieval Group  
NGIR: Next Generation Information Retrieval group   - The group uses probabilistic and information-theoretic methods to model information retrieval, and is committed to open source software development. The group also believes distributed, semantic-based and multilingual methods will have a central role in the future of information retrieval.
NIST Information Retrieval Group   - Information retrieval group in the National Institutes of Standards and Technology. It is most famous for organizing TREC conferences.
Oren Etzioni  
Pittsburgh Information Retrieval group   - School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.
Queen Mary Information Retrieval Group  
Sheffield Information Retrieval Group  
Terrier Team Blog  
The Search Engine and Web Mining (SEWM) Group at Peking University  
VIPER: Multimedia Information Retrieval and Management   - The Viper group deals with the processing and management of multimedia. In particular, they focus on multimedia information retrieval and mining.
WestLab: Web Exploration & Search Technology at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU