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Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information  
Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing (BLLIP)  
CLiPS (Computational Linguistics & Psycholinguistics)  
CLiPS (Computational Linguistics & Psycholinguistics)  
Dina Demner-Fushman  
Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar group  
Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory (IESL)  
International Linguistics Community Online  
Knowledge representation and reasoning group  
Language and Information Technologies (LIT) Lab, University of North Texas  
Noah's Ark  
Proteus Project   - doing Natural Language Processing (NLP) research at New York University since the 1960's.
SIGPARSE   - SIGPARSE is a special interest group of the ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics). The group consists of about 200 researchers whose research interests are in various aspects of parsing natural language.
The Center for Computational Language and EducAtion Research (CLEAR)  
The Stanford NLP Group   - The NLP Group at Stanford University works on algorithms that allow computers to process and understand human languages. Their work ranges from basic research in computational linguistics to key applications in human language technology, and covers areas such as sentence understanding, probabilistic parsing and tagging, biomedical information extraction, grammar induction, word sense disambiguation, and automatic question answering.
TLP research center   - The technological scope of the TALP Center is the automatic processing of both written and spoken natural language. Its aim is to help overcome language barriers to improve access to information systems. It includes: The Speech Processing Group and the Natural Language Processing Group.
University of Melbourne Language Technology Group