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Gaston H. Gonnet  
Alden Wright  
Daniel Lemire   - Computer Science Professor at UQAM and Open Scholar. Interests: Databases, Data Warehousing and OLAP, Recommender Systems and Collaborative Filtering, Information Retrieval.
Eamonn Keogh  
Edgar Chavez  
Esko Ukkonen  
Gene Myers  
Giovanni Manzini  
Gonzalo Navarro   - The personal page of the co-author of "Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings", CV and publications
Paolo Ciaccia  
Paolo Ferragina   - Paolo Ferragina is Associate Professor at Pisa University. He is the author of many interesting papers, including an article: "The String B-tree"
Pavel Zezula  
Ravi Kumar  
Ricardo Baeza-Yates   - A co-author of "Modern Information Retrieval", the director of Yahoo! Research Barcelona, Spain and Yahoo! Research Latin America at Santiago, Chile
Ron Fagin  
Stefan Kurtz  
Tim Merrett  
Udi Manber   - Udi Manber is a computer scientist, one of the authors of Agrep and GLIMPSE. Formerly, a chief algorithm and a CEO of Amazon A9. Since 2006, he is a one of the VP of engineering at Google.