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Anne Schuth  
BigML machine learning made easy  
Computer Vision Blog  Piotr Dollar
Crowd flower  
CrowdSource blog  
Daniel Lemire   - Computer Science Professor at UQAM and Open Scholar. Interests: Databases, Data Warehousing and OLAP, Recommender Systems and Collaborative Filtering, Information Retrieval.
Data Miners Blog  
Data Mining Research  Sandro Saitta
Djoerd Hiemstra’s blog  Djoerd Hiemstra
FastML - machine learning made easy  
Follow the crowd  
Forever Learning  Lukas Vermeer
Information Retrieval Gupf  Jeremy Pickens
Jeff's Search Engine Caffè  Jeff Dalton
Knowledge Nuggets: Nontes on AI and knowledge representation  Scott Fahlman
LingPipe: NLP and text analytics  
Music Machinery  Paul Lamere
Natural Language Processing  Pedro Paulo Balage
Nihil Obstat  José María Gómez Hidalgo
NLP People blog  
NLPER: Natural Language Processing Blog  Hal Daume
NONRELEVANT Database & Information Retrieval  
Not Relevant   - “Not Relevant” is an online journal of information retrieval research. NR features preprints, technical correspondence, reviews, and surveys. The site is structured as a blog, so everything is fair game for discussion and comment.
pyImageSearch   - a blog on building image search engines.
Radim Řehůřek's blog on machine learning  
Sematext blog: Search, Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing   - Authors focus on Lucene-based enterprise solutions.
Slow search  Jaime Teevan
Text and Data Mining by Practical Means  Cristian Mesiano, Gabriele Donino
The Noisy Channel  Daniel Tunkelang
The Synthetic Learner Blog