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Algorithms, Part I (Stanford)  Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
Algorithms, Part II (Stanford)  Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part I (Stanford)  Tim Roughgarden
Automata Theory (Stanford)  Jeff Ullman - This course covers finite automata, context-free grammars, Turing machines, undecidable problems, and intractable problems (NP-completeness).
Bioinformatics, Part I (University of San-Diego)  Pavel Pevzner, Phillip E. C. Compeau
Computer Vision (Technische Universität München)  Martin Kleinsteuber
Computer Vision: From 3D Reconstruction to Visual Recognition (Stanford)  Fei-Fei Li and Silvio Savares
Computer Vision: The Fundamentals (Berkeley)  Jitendra Malik
Introduction to machine learning in 15 hours (by Data School)  
Machine learning (Stanford)  Andrew Ng
Machine Translation (Johns Hopkins + Upenn)  Chris Callison-Burch, Adam Lopez, Matt Post
Natural Language Processing (Stanford)  Dan Jurafsky, Christopher Manning
Neural Networks for Machine Learning (University of Toronto)  Geoffrey Hinton
Probabilistic Graphical Models  Daphne Koller
Social Network Analysis (University of Michigan)  Lada Adamic
Web Intelligence and Big Data (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)  Gautam Shroff