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AI Distinguished Lecture Series  
Algorithms, Part I (Stanford)  Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
Algorithms, Part II (Stanford)  Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part I (Stanford)  Tim Roughgarden
EE-559 “Deep Learning”  François Fleuret - a introductory course taught in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Introduction to computer vision   - Stanford computer vision lectures.
Introduction to machine learning in 15 hours (by Data School)  
Machine learning (Stanford)  Andrew Ng
Machine Translation (Johns Hopkins + Upenn)  Chris Callison-Burch, Adam Lopez, Matt Post
Neural nets for NLP  Graham Neubig - recorded lectures by CMU professor Graham Neubig.
Neural Networks for Machine Learning (University of Toronto)  Geoffrey Hinton
Probabilistic Graphical Models  Daphne Koller
Speech recognition   - Florida institute of technology lectures.
Web Intelligence and Big Data (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)  Gautam Shroff