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Knowledge Representation for Multilingual Text Categorization  Loukachevitch N.
An Evaluation of Statistical Approaches to Text Categorization (1997)  Yiming Yang - This paper is a comparative study of text categorization methods. Fourteen methods are investigated, based on previously published results and newly obtained results from additional experiments.
Automatic Classification  C. J. "Keith" van Rijsbergen - Chapter 3 from the book "Information Retrieval".
Classifier Technology and the Illusion of Progress  David J. Hand
Identifying Enrichment Candidates in Textbooks  Rakesh Agrawal, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Anitha Kannan, Krishnaram Kenthapadi
Machine Learning in Automated Text Categorization  F Sebastiani - A must read paper.
SVM Tutorial: Classification, Regression, and Ranking  Hwanjo Yu, Sungchul Kim