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Best Practices for Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Visual Document Analysis  Patrice Y. Simard, Dave Steinkraus, John Platt
Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview  Juergen Schmidhuber
Deep learning reading list  
Deep learning resources for NLP  
Deep learning resources.  
Deep Learning University : an Annotated Deep Learning bibliography  
Deep learning with COTS HPC systems  Adam Coates, Brody Huval, Tao Wang, David J. Wu, Andrew Y. Ng
Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition  Kaiming He, Xiangyu Zhang, Shaoqing Ren, Jian Sun
Deep Sparse Rectier Neural Networks  Xavier Glorot, Antoine Bordes, Yoshua Bengio
Deep Speech 2: End-to-End Speech Recognition in English and Mandarin  Dario Amodei, Rishita Anubhai, Eric Battenberg, Carl Case, Jared Casper, Bryan Catanzaro, Jingdong Chen, Mike Chrzanowski, Adam Coates, Greg Diamos, Erich Elsen, Jesse Engel, Linxi Fan, Christopher Fougner, Tony Han, Awni Hannun, Billy Jun, ...
Do Deep Nets Really Need to be Deep?  Lei Jimmy Ba, Rich Caruana
Efficient, reusable RNNs and LSTMs for torch  Justin Johnson
End-To-End Memory Networks  Sainbayar Sukhbaatar, Arthur Szlam, Jason Weston, Rob Fergus
Large Scale Distributed Deep Networks  Jeffrey Dean, Greg S. Corrado, Rajat Monga, Kai Chen, Matthieu Devin, Quoc V. Le, Mark Z. Mao, Marc’Aurelio Ranzato, Andrew Senior, Paul Tucker, Ke Yang, Andrew Y. Ng
Natural language processing (NLP) applications for deep learning  Yoshua Bengio
Papers accepted at the deep-learning workshop (@NIPS2014)  
Recursive deep learning for natural language processing and computer vision  Richard Socher
Simple Baseline for Visual Question Answering  
Skip-thought vectors  Ryan Kiros
Solving Verbal Comprehension Questions in IQ Test by Knowledge-Powered Word Embedding  Huazheng Wang, Bin Gao, Jiang Bian, Fei Tian, Tie-Yan Liu
Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend  Karl Moritz Hermann, Tomáš Kočiský, Edward Grefenstette, Lasse Espeholt, Will Kay, Mustafa Suleyman, Phil Blunsom
Text Understanding from Scratch  Xiang Zhang, Yann LeCun