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Images, Video, Audio, etc...

100 million Flickr images  
50+ million QuickDraw drawings  
Amsterdam Library of Object Images (ALOI)   - about 100K images
Bulkr   - A tool to download Flickr images
CC_WEB_VIDEO: Near-Duplicate Web Video Dataset  
CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100   - 60K color images 32x32 (test & training data)
Classification accuracy for various famous image/video datasets  
CMU Face Databases  
CoPhIR (Content-based Photo Image Retrieval) Test-Collection   - >100 million processed images.
Corel data set features  
CVonline   - A great collection of image data sets.
Database of Sound Insights   - over 1,000,000 minutes of real conversation audio between doctors and patients, paired with verbatim transcripts created by Verilogue.
Drawing of 10 Famous Logos From Memory by various people  
Face in the wild  
Features Extracted From YouTube Videos for Multiview Learning  Google
Image Annotations collected Using Amazon's Mechanical Turk  
ImageNet   - ImageNet is an image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy (currently only the nouns), in which each node of the hierarchy is depicted by hundreds and thousands of images.
INRIA Holiday's dataset  
INRIA Person Dataset  
Label Me (MIT)  
Matterport3D   - 10,800 aligned 3D panoramic views (RGB + depth per pixel) from 194,400 RGB + depth images of 90 building-scale scenes.
MediaEval datasets   - A rich set of humanly-annotated multimedia datasets
Microsoft COCO   - an image recognition and segmentation dataset.
Microsoft Sequential Image Narrative Dataset (SIND)  
MIR Flickr   - Flickr images with annotations
MNIST database of handwritten digits  
MS-Celeb-1M   - Challenge of Recognizing One Million Celebrities in the Real World
One million free pictures from the British Library  
Open Images   - a dataset of ~9 million URLs to images that have been annotated with labels spanning over 6000 categories.
Profiset   - a collection of 20M high-quality images with rich and systematic annotations, which were obtained from Profimedia
semantic3d   - a large set of point clouds with over one billion of labelled points.
TEXMEX datasets for approximate nearest neighbor search  
The PASCAL Object Recognition Database Collection  
The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository  
UQ_IMH dataset  
Visual Dictionary   - More than 80 millions tiny images collected by MIT
Visual Genome   - an ongoing effort to connect structured image concepts to language
Visual Storytelling Dataset (VIST)  
WLFDB : Weakly Labeled Face Databases  
YouTube-8M   - a large and diverse labeled video dataset for video understanding research.
YouTube-BoundingBoxes Dataset