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Some open-source software projects to which Leonid Boytsov contributed (see also my GitHub page):

  1. k-NN for question answering (QA) and information retrieval (IR). Written by me with the help of David Novak and Yury Malkov..

  2. Non-Metric Space Library (NMSLIB). Bilegsaikhan Naidan, me, and other contributors.

  3. Accurate BM25 similarity for Lucene.

  4. SOLR Annographix: a prototypical engine to index and retrieve annotation graphs, which is built on top of Apache SOLR.

  5. A C++ library to compress and intersect sorted lists of integers using SIMD instructions [library][data generation]. Daniel Lemire, me, Nathan Kurz, and several other contributors.

  6. Permutation/randomization algorithms for unadjusted pair-wise significance testing and testing with an adjustment for multiple comparisons.

  7. FastPFor: software for very efficient decoding of sorted integer arrays. (Daniel Lemire, me, and several other folks). I contributed to development of SIMD-based methods.

  8. Source code (and datasets) for my papers on approximate dictionary searching.