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I would like to share a couple of tricks that may make running more pleasurable.

The first trick is obvious in the hindsight, but it took me quite a while to figure it out on my own. Take a wet small piece of cloth, which can fit into a side or chest pocket and wipe your face regularly. For longer runs, you may take more than one piece of cloth. The cloth should be pretty small: I find it is inconvenient to run with big towel-like wipes!

The second trick is concerned with the phone, which needs to be stored somewhere, ideally, where it can be accessed easily. Turns out, that one of the best holders is the so-called Running Buddy. With the Running Buddy , It is easy to open the cover and adjust the volume. It is also quite easy to take the phone in and out of this pouch.

I have been running with these pouches for several years already: They stick very well: If attached properly, they do not fall off. In the unlikely detachment event, it is hard to miss that the pouch is not there anymore. Note that nowadays phones have become very large and you will likely need to buy the largest size possible! I have a couple of these (just in case) and I buy them from the Running Buddy (BTW, I am not affiliated with them in any way!).

Last, but not least: If it is hot, I run without a t-shirt or only with a reflective vest if I run at night. It might offend somebody's feelings (hopefully not), but it is just a very practical way to reduce overheating during the warm season. Somewhat surprisingly, it is not easy to get sunburnt while running. As a side comment, I find the 20C (68F) weather to be pretty uncomfortable for running. I overheat very easily and my ideal running temperature is 5-10 degrees Centigrade (10-20 Fahrenheit) above the freezing point.