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A collection of online resources on information retrieval and information extraction from the Web.  
Automatic Geotagging of Russian Web Sites  A. Pyalling, M. Maslov, P. Braslavski - The poster describes a fast, simple, yet accurate method to associate large amounts of web resources stored in a search engine database with geographic locations. The method uses location-by-IP data, domain names, and content-related features.
Eye tracking in MSN Search: Investigating snippet length, target position and task types  Edward Cutrell, Zhiwei Guan - Web search services are among the most heavily used applications on the World Wide Web. Perhaps because search is used in such a huge variety of tasks and contexts, the user interface must strike a careful balance to meet all user needs. Authors describe a study that used eye tracking methodologies to explore the effects of changes in the presentation of search results. They found that adding information to the contextual snippet significantly improved performance for informational tasks but degraded performance for navigational tasks.
Searching the World Wide Web  Steve Lawrence and C. Lee Giles - Describes technique to estimate index size
Synchronizing a database to improve freshness  J Cho, H Garcia-Molina - Researching on how crawling policy effects freshness. Under certain conditions, uniform crawling policy proved to be superior.
The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine  S. Brin, L. Page - An article that describes an early Google architecture.