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CMU Sphinx - Speech Recognition Toolkit  
AWD-LSTM / AWD-QRNN Language Model  
berkeleylm  An N-gram Language Model Library from UC Berkeley
Bow (or libbow) is a C-library for language modeling.  
Compact Language Detector 2   - a very fast and compact library that detects over 80 languages in UTF-8 text.
Continuous Space Language Model toolkit  
Downloadable NLG systems  
EasyGen   - a visual user interface to help set up simple neural network generation tasks.
faster-rnnlm  Yandex - Faster Recurrent Neural Network Language Modeling Toolkit with Noise Contrastive Estimation and Hierarchical Softmax.
gensim - topic modelling for humans  
GloVe: Global Vectors for Word Representation  
IRST LM Toolkit   - free/open-source language modelling tool, which can be used with Moses instead of SRILM (the latter is not free).
KenLM Language Model Toolkit   - Small-memory efficient language modeling.
NPLM   - is a toolkit for training and using feedforward neural language models due to Bengio, 2003.
Open Source Speech Software from Carnegie Mellon University  
RandLM: space-efficient ngram-based language models built using randomized representations.  David Talbot, Miles Osborne, Oliver Wilson
Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) Language Modeling by Microsoft Research  
RiTa   - an easy-to-use toolkit for experiments in natural language and generative literature. It includes text-generation via CFGs and Markov chains; taggers for syllables, phonemes, stress, POS. Rita also provides a Java-API for WordNet and morphology modules.
RNNLM Toolkit  Tomas Mikolov - neural network based language models.
SimpleNLG   - Java API for Natural Language Generation.
SRILM - The SRI Language Modeling Toolkit  
The CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling toolkit  R Rosenfeld, Philip Clarkson
The MIT Language Modeling (MITLM) toolkit  
The Word Vector Tool   - The Word Vector Tool is a flexible Java library for statistical language modelling. It especially supports the creation of word vector representations of text documents in the vector space model (each document is represented by the terms it contains). The vector space model is the point of departure for many text processing applications (e.g. web mining, text classification or information retrieval).
word2vec: vector space representations for words and skip-grams