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FANSE parser


Benchmarking natural-language parsers for biological applications using dependency graphs  Andrew Clegg and Adrian J Shepherd
BLLIP (Charniak-Johnson-Lease parser) github repository  
BLLIP reranking parser (also known as Charniak-Johnson parser, Charniak parser, Brown reranking parser)   - The latest version is available at GitHub.
BUBS Parser   - a grammar-agnostic constituent parser, designed and tuned for efficient context-free inference. Using a high-accuracy grammar (such as the Berkeley latent-variable grammar), it achieves high accuracy and throughput.
C&C CCG parser  
Charniak-Lease (PCFG) parser   - This version was trained on BIO-data (only POS-tagger was retrained) and achieved an F-score of around 0.8.
Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG) parser  
DeSR   - multilingual dependency parser
DKPRO a set of useful open-source UIMA components  
FreeLing   - A comprehensive toolkit that includes tokenization, morphology, POS tagging, NER, and dependency parsing modules for various languages.
Google's SyntaxNet: Parsey McParseface in 40 languages  
Graph & Transition based dependency parsers using BiLSTM feature extractors.  
Link Grammar  
MBSP for Python  
Michael Collins' parser   - (written as a PhD project)
MiniPar   - Dependency parser.
Multilingual statistical parsing engine  
Neural CRF Parser  
NLP4j   - NLP tools from Emory university (a former ClearNLP and ClearParser)
OpenNLP   - The Apache OpenNLP library is a machine learning based toolkit for the processing of natural language text.
Pro3Gres: PRObability-based, PROlog-implemented Parser for RObust Grammatical Relation Extraction System  Gerold Schneider
Puck   - a high-speed, high-accuracy parser for natural languages using GPU. It's (currently) designed for use with grammars trained with the Berkeley Parser and on NVIDIA cards. On a mid-range Nvidia GTX 680, it can parse over 400 sentences a second, or over half a million words per minute.
redshift   - a very fast dependency parser (up to 1000 sentences per second).
Self-trained biomedical parsing (a modification of the Charniak parser)   - A very effective bio-medical parser with an F-score close to 0.9
SENNA   - Semantic Role Labeling (PropBank style), part of speech (POS) tagging, chunking, named entity recognition, syntactic parsing.
SharpNLP   - a collection of natural language processing tools written in C#.
spaCy   - A fast but accurate POS tagger and dependency parser.
Stanford Parser  
SyntaxNet   - Neural Models of Syntax: release includes all the code needed to train new SyntaxNet models on your own data, as well as an accurate Parsey McParseface.
The AOT parser   - The Syntactic/Dependency parser for Russian and German (there is also support for morphology).
YARA parser   - a fast (up to 4000K sentences per second) dependency parser.