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ASSERT  Sameer Pradhan - PropBank style
FANSE parser   - has a very good accuracy as a semantic role labeler.
GENIA   - (POS) part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, and named entity recognition for biomedical text
Illinois Semantic Role Labeler (SRL)   - PropBank style
List of semantic parsers on the English FrameNet site  
LTH Parser   - (PropBank-style)
MateTools   - The tools provide a pipeline of modules that carry out lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing, and semantic role labeling (PropBank style) of a sentence.
MontyLingua   - A light-weight barebones NLP toolkit (lemmatization, POS-tagging, chunking, and basic semantic parsing)
NLP4j   - NLP tools from Emory university (a former ClearNLP and ClearParser)
SEMAFOR: a frame-semantic parser  Dipanjan Das, André F T. Martins, Nathan Schneider, Desai Chen, Noah Smith - FrameNet style
SEMPRE: Semantic Parsing with Execution  
SEMPRE: Semantic Parsing with Execution  
SENNA   - Semantic Role Labeling (PropBank style), part of speech (POS) tagging, chunking, named entity recognition, syntactic parsing.
Shalmaneser: A Shallow Semantic Parser   - (FrameNet style)