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cdec  Chris Dyer - A decoder, aligner, and learning framework for statistical machine translation and other structured prediction models.
iGREAT   - interactive GREAT is an open-source, statistical machine translation software toolkit based on finite-state models.
Jane   - an RWTH University Aachen open source statistical machine translation toolkit.
Joshua   - an open source decoder for statistical translation models based on synchronous context free grammars (SCFG) . See also a project's GitHub page.
Marie   - n-gram based Statistical Machine Translation Decoder
Moses   - a statistical machine translation system.
PHARAOH   - a beam search decoder for phrase-based statistical machine translation models.
Phramer   - an open-source statistical phrase-based machine translation decoder.
Phrasal   - is a state-of-the-art statistical phrase-based machine translation system, written in Java. At its core, it provides much the same functionality as the core of Moses.
pycdec   - Python interface to cdec
SAMT   - Syntax Augmented Machine Translation via Chart Parsing.
Thot   - an open source toolkit for statistical machine translation.