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contextual-analysis-baseline   - a neural lemmatizer with a simple model.
Dutch lemmatizer  
FreeLing   - A comprehensive toolkit that includes tokenization, morphology, POS tagging, NER, and dependency parsing modules for various languages.
Morfessor   - a tool for unsupervised and semi-supervised morphological segmentation.
morpha   - A fast and robust morphological analyser for English based on finite-state techniques that returns the lemma and inflection type of a word, given the word form and its part of speech. (The latter is optional but accuracy is degraded if it is not present).
Snowball   - Open source stemmer library for english, french, finnish, russian and some other languages...
Stanford NLP software   - A comprehensive suit of NLP software that includes tokenizers, grammar and POS parsers.
The AOT parser   - The Syntactic/Dependency parser for Russian and German (there is also support for morphology).