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AGTK: Annotation Graph Toolkit   - a formal framework for representing linguistic annotations of time series data.
Annodoc   - a documentation support system focusing in particular on guidelines for text annotation. The system combines ease of editing using a simple plain-text like format with support for the visualization of complex, structured text annotation and close integration with version control.
brat rapid annotation tool   - a very simple-to-use and power annotation tool
Doccano   - an open source text annotation tool
GATE Teamware   - a web-based management platform for collaborative annotation & curation.
inception   - a semantic annotation platform offering intelligent annotation assistance and knowledge management.
Jubilee and Cornerstone: annotation tools for PropBank  Jinho D. Choi
Prodigy   - an annotation tool powered by active learning.
YEDDA   - A Lightweight Collaborative Text Span Annotation Tool