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Compressed bitset libraries in C and C++  
GNU trove   - high performance collections for Java
gs-collections   - Goldman Sachs supplement/replacement for the Java Collections Framework.
immer   - Postmodern immutable and persistent data structures for C++
JDBM3   - Java implementation of several important data structures (including the B-tree) that relies on the secondary memory.
Judy arrays   - a C library that provides a state-of-the-art core technology that implements a sparse dynamic array.
Koloboke   - High performance Hash and HashMaps for Java (can be faster than GNU trove).
Roaring bitmap   - a better compressed bitset in Java
SMHasher & MurmurHash   - SMHasher is a test suite designed to test the distribution, collision, and performance properties of non-cryptographic hash functions.
Succinct Data Structure Library 2.0 (SDSL)  Simon Gog