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A Simple, Fast, and Effective Reparameterization of IBM Model 2.  Chris Dyer, Victor Chahuneau, Noah A Smith
ACCURAT   - tools and corpora for low-resource languages.
cdec: a decoder, alignment, and learning framework for finite-state and context-free translation models  Chris Dyer, Jonathan Weese, Hendra Setiawan, Adam Lopez, Ferhan Ture, Vladimir Eidelman, Juri Ganitkevitch, Phil Blunsom, Philip Resnik
Decoding for machine translation  Philipp Koehn
Decoding with Large-Scale Neural Language Models Improves Translation.  Ashish Vaswani, Yinggong Zhao, Victoria Fossum, and David Chiang
Machine Translation Archive   - Electronic repository and bibliography of articles, books and papers on topicsin machine translation, computer translation systems, and computer-based translation tools.
Minimum Error Rate Training in Statistical Machine Translation  Franz Josef Och
Phrase-based Models for machine translation  Philipp Koehn
Pragmatic Neural Language Modelling in Machine Translation  Paul Baltescu, Phil Blunsom
Statistical Machine Translation   - The website is dedicated to research in statistical machine translation, i.e. the translation of text from one human language to another by a computer that learned how to translate from vast amounts of translated text.
Statistical Machine Translation: IBM Models 1 and 2  Michael Collins
Statistical MT Handbook  Kevin Knight
Statistical Phrase-Based Translation  Philipp Koehn, Franz Josef Och, Daniel Marcu
The Mathematics of Statistical Machine Translation: Parameter Estimation  Peter E Brown, Stephen A. Della Pietra, Vincent J. Della Pietra, Robert L. Mercer
What’s New in Statistical Machine Translation  Kevin Knight, Philipp Koehn
Word-based Models for machine translation  Philipp Koehn